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Harcum Pastured Proteins

Forest Hog Deposit-Half Share

Forest Hog Deposit-Half Share

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This deposit secures your hog (either half/whole share) with remaining balance due after drop off at the butcher. Our price is $3.25/lb for whole shares and $3.50/lb for half shares based on final hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight the butcher gives us after the animal has been killed, blood drained, head, feet, entrails & organs removed. Once we have your deposit, we will send you a cut sheet for you to make your choices for your individual share. We are here to help you with these choices if needed. We will drop off your completed custom cut sheet with your animal to the butcher. Then all you need to do is pay the butcher fees and pick up your packaged meat once it's ready. 

Our hogs are a cross between Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot. Both heritage breeds that thrive in the natural habitat of the woods/pasture. Berkshires are known for their marbled meat and tender, juicy flavor. Gloucester Old Spot is a breed known for excellent foraging skills and delicious bacon. It is because of these reasons we knew we wanted to raise them on our farm. In addition to free access to the forest to root out bugs and plants, our hogs have access to non-gmo and soy free feed from a local mill here in VA. 

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